Using 3 weight loss tips Strategies Like The Pros

Using 3 weight loss tips Strategies Like The Pros

It is not too difficult to lose weight despite people’s perception of it being very difficult. I have come across many of my customers telling me that it is very tough to start the program despite their weight being at the critical level allowing disorders to set in easily.

It all begins in the mind. If you set your mind to losing weight, you will get started and see results almost immediately.

Once you follow the principles below, the first thing you notice will be the increase in energy despite certain restrictions.

You will feel very energetic, confident in yourself and very happy. All the clumsiness, lethargy, moody blues, pain in the legs, back will be immediately gone.

Only three things matter most in the pursuit of an optimum weight maintenance and you do not have to do torturous routines to achieve results which will be the envy of everybody:

1. A complete control over your diet.

diet plans for weight loss

This means you will regulate what you take for your meals. There are two types of carbohydrates-simple and complex.

Carbohydrates are just long chains sugars that the body consumes at various rates.

White flour and bread, rice, pasta and potatoes release the sugars into the blood at an even faster rate that ordinary table sugar.

Green beans, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, apple and oranges release the sugars slowly into the bloodstream and are termed low glycaemic foods. Complex carbohydrates should be your choice of diet.

You are allowed liberal quantity of fish, vegetables, fowl and sea foods as these will supply the proteins needed.

No sugar is allowed in your diet and this does not only mean table sugar but also sugars found the carbonated drinks, the 3 in 1 instant coffees, fruit juices as well as those found in the pizzas, noodles. Read the labels when you next do your grocery shopping.

2. You will need to exercise three times weekly.

exercise weekly plan

It does not matter as to the forms of exercise indulged. As long as you keep those muscles active, your heart pumping, you lungs expanding-these are all that matters.

However those with ailments are advised to seek your doctor’s opinion prior to embarking to any form of exercise.

Good exercises include cycling, aerobic exercise, swimming and brisk walking. Initially start on a slow pace, increasing gradually through the weeks.

3. You must take supplements to maintain your body in top form.

sources of omega 3 foods

These supplements are required in minute portions and these are used to facilitate tissue respiration and repair. The minimum that I recommend for everyone is the following range of supplements:

  • A daily dose of a multi vitamins and minerals tablet
  • Omega 3 Capsule 1000mg twice daily
  • Evening Primrose Oil Capsule 1000mg twice daily
  • Folic Acid Tablet 15mg daily

If you find yourself lacking in any specific supplements, then you just add in to the above list.

Stick to the above regime for a month, and you will experience a vast difference in energy, strength and vibrancy in your life . Go for it.

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