Improve The Outcome of Your Workouts With These Five Foods

Improve The Outcome of Your Workouts With These Five Foods

Working out is one of the most daunting tasks ever known when it comes to losing weight. Food greatly impacts your performance in some ways and needless to say, we all want to get the most out of all the hard work that we have done.

The body’s staple nutrition, especially when working out, includes carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. There are five foods that will help in enhancing one’s performance to be able to make their workout effective.

Whether you are a professional athlete or just running as a hobby, here are five food suggestions which will give you more power during workouts.

#1 Easy to Digest Fruits

fruits for workout recovery

Great in providing carbohydrates which can boost one’s energy level, fruit is the perfect food to eat. It is high in healthy sugar. Fruits such as apples and bananas are known to be rich in vitamin C, Fibre and antioxidants.

This made it a good food that can help in boosting energy into your body naturally before working out.

It is important that you choose easily digestible fruits because fruits which are hard to digest can cause stomach cramps. Stomach cramps can hinder you with your usual exercise routine.

#2 Eating Bran Cereals

Cereal Post-workout

When it comes to physical performance enhancement, bran cereals are one of the best choices. High in Fibre bran cereals also contain Betaine chemical which is responsible in enhancing the body’s physical performance and helps in boosting the metabolic rate of the body.

Bran helps perfectly in preventing dehydration and works wells with cell function during exercise. Most doctors recommend their patients to eat bran for breakfast before doing some exercises in the morning.

You can add some fruits in your bran cereal for you to be able to get half of the required nutrition your body needs during work outs.

#3 Protein-Rich Food

after workout protein

The body will crave for the nutrients that it has lost after having an hour of exercise. This is the perfect time to reload your body and re-build your exhausted muscles. Chickens, eggs and fishes are rich in protein.

Eating protein-rich food can help in providing your muscles with amino acids. They are known as the building blocks of protein that aids in growing muscles stronger and bigger.

Eating such food can enhance the effects that you have done during work outs.

#4 Smoothies and Shakes

pre and post workout smoothies

Liquid meals like smoothies and shakes are full of nutrients. They allow your body to have all the important nutrition that your body needs in just a gulp.

After exercising, it is recommended that you have some smoothies or shakes to be able to recover faster.

Some people think that having a big meal after exercising is good. But it is more convenient to have essential muscle-repairing nutrients in their liquid form to easily get all the helpful nutrients that your body requires after exercising.

#5 Have Your Usual Oatmeal

post workout oatmeal

When preparing your muscles for a tiring exercise routine, oatmeal can become your best friend. It provides the essential glucose which helps fueling your muscles.

If you are really into losing some weight, oatmeal is the perfect choice. It encourages our body to quickly burn fat to be used as fuel to your muscles.

Eat oatmeal three hours before you start exercising to make sure that the effects of your work out will be enhanced.

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