5 Fitness Plan Tips For Women Weight Loss

5 Fitness Plan Tips For Women Weight Loss

There are times that you receive an invitation to a friend’s wedding and you only have a few weeks to get into dress you want to wear. These are perfect times to opt for one of the following quick fix solutions to lose weight quickly.

But before you read on, these will only help you lose weight if you are overweight by 5-10 pounds, but not if you are planning to lose bulk weight.

These tips won’t help you maintain the lost weight- you will tend to gain the weight back quickly if you don’t maintain a proper fitness plan for women of your body type.

#1 Cut the carbs and fat

carbs foods to avoid

For dinner and lunch, cut the carbs for 2-3 weeks. This will help you reduce the calorie intake considerably and help you lose weight faster. And forget adding oil or butter to any of your foods for that same period of time. Steam, roast or bake your food.

#2 Drink lots of water and green tea

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Water will help you keep yourself refreshed and rejuvenated through the day and green tea (even cucumber) helps you lose weight because of their negative calorie properties. Green tea also has anti oxidant properties that will bring a glow to your skin.

#3 Quit snacking

snack food ideas

5-6 small meals a day is the ideal diet, but quit that for the time you are on your quick weight loss program. It will only add calories.

#4 Psychological conditioning

dress nicely everyday

Keep the dress you want to wear somewhere you can see all the time. This will help you keep yourself focused. Also, make sure you are weighing yourself on a regular basis. That will keep you target oriented all the time.


women exercise plan

Lots of weight training can actually help you lose inches faster. In most fitness plans women tend to only concentrate on cardio- which is for weight loss, but with weight training you will be adding muscles that will burn off the fat.

The best way to lose weight is by ensuring that your body burns more calories than what is being provided to it. And slow weight loss is the best way to ensure that the weight stays off for a longer time.

Fitness should be a part of life and these quick fixes will in no means replace the need for discipline and commitment to fitness.

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